Friday, 14 October 2011

By Royal Appt - Chris King

Before I start this new blog feature I just want to explain the "By Royal Appt" part.
For some time now I've held the nickname 'Queenie' on Twitter. It was handed to me by photographer Luca Sage after a portfolio crit and extended online friendship between us and a few other like minded creative types. It all became a bit Blackadder with them all offering me the pressies of new work and ideas for their folios.
I am by no means a fool with delusions of grandeur (well not to much anyway).

So without further ado my first By Royal Appt, a title never to be abbreviated, goes to Chris King and a selection of his images from the Hove Town Hall series.

I proudly own this print

I'm such a fan of gazing into empty spaces like these and I fell in love with the series as soon as Chris showed it to me.
It's the absence of people and the endless stories your brain attaches to the locations in a split second. That chance to imagine what's been discussed there, what decisions made.
I also think the colour palette is exquisite, it's almost jewel like, all golden wood and jade carpets. The perfect complement to this gem of architecture.

I know Chris is currently working on a new personal project, a combination of portraits and locations, I for one can't wait to see the results. I'll cut the waffle here and just let you absorb the work. Enjoy!
And if you fancy buying a print click here.

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