Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Books, books & more books

Bit of a lazy post for me this one. But one full of bookish love.

Recently I was asked to contribute to the wonderful Booklish Blog. A Tumblr dedicated to "Beautiful books and beautiful writing. Booklish is a blog devoted to bookish things. You'll find stuff here about authors, readers, book design and illustration and other book ephemera."
At the time I was falling deeply in love with these Vintage Lawrence covers by Carla van de Puttelaar.

You can read my Booklish post here. And make sure you add them to your RSS feed, the site is a constant stream of loveliness.

I was also asked by Twitter chum @sarahrajabalee to contribute to her equally delight blog. This post was about the three books that shaped my reading life.
The first of which was childhood favourite Fantastic Mr Fox. " I loved the adventure, the rebellious quality and all that talk of geese and stolen cider after hours just made me long for a midnight feast. Fantastic Mr Fox was my gateway into reading for escapism. Armed with my torch, I would sit up for hours forgetting the worries of the day. To be honest this probably explains my great love of cider, although oddly has no bearing as to why I ended up as @OandtheFoxes on Twitter."

Last month I also found myself thrusting free books into the hands of commuters in Victoria Station. I was one of the World Book Night volunteers, a merry band of book addicts determined to share the joy of paper bound adventures to the masses.
I choose to give out Maggie O'Farrell's The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. Every copy of which I numbered and registered at Book Crossing, a great site that allows you to log in and share your experience of the book, before passing it along for another reader to do the same, Fab!

All 25 copies before they went to new homes.

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