Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Great Interactive Project

Still Life photographer and thoroughly top bloke Jonathan Minster is starting a great new project, and he needs YOU!

Jonathan is asking for folk to post him objects, direct to his studio and without any packaging.
So we're talking no envelopes, no parcel paper, no boxes!
Just his studio address either on a label or written directly onto the item. And don't forget the stamp :)
He'll then photograph it and send you back a print, also unpackaged.

There's a beautiful random unrestrained excitement to this that I'm very on board with.

So if you want to get involved the studio address is . . .

Ermine Works Studio
Arch 348,
37 Ermine Mews,
E2 8BF
And you can give him a heads up on a pending delivery by emailing him on

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