Tuesday, 18 September 2012

By Royal Appointment - Gregoire Alexandre

I'm currently having a serious bit of eye love for the floaty work of Gregoire Alexandre. It started with the lovely French Connection ads, from 101 and CD Richard Flintham.

Don't get me wrong there's more on the site than just wispy photos, there's an awful lot of graphic still life too. But it still retains an ethereal quality of light that brings a calm consideration to Gregoire's work.

My current favourite on the website is this beauty, very reminiscent of the Antony Gormley Blind Light exhibition.

Check out more of Gregoire's work here <==


  1. Beautiful work but I prefer the one of the horse coming off the background roll - reminds me of doing origami as a kid - lol!

  2. I'm obsessed with origami imagery at the moment. It's just a shame I'm useless at it :)