Monday, 18 February 2013

My Heroes

Photographers and Agents alike are always asking me to recommend suppliers. So I thought it was about time I shared a few of the great on here.
In this, the second of these posts, I bring you the incredible make-up stylings of Miss Aly Hazlewood.

I am ridiculously in awe of Aly's make-up skills & portfolio. Last year I had some shoots coming up with Jonathan Knowles, we were looking for a new artist to work with and spotted Aly's work in a stylists folio.

It was this shot (right) that had us itching to work with her. That colour and blending work is stunning, and so hard to do.

The shots that Jonathan & Aly worked on are to the left.

I hope to work with her a lot in the future, because Aly is the sort of supplier that I love, she brings her own creativity to the table too. And it's great. Invaluable really.

Have a look at Aly's website here <==
or Tweet her here <==

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