Thursday, 27 June 2013


Tonight I am heading over to Cargo to flap my gums in front of those fabulous Gluggers.

With the evenings focus on Creative Startups I was honoured to be asked by co-host Jenny Theolin to sign up as a speaker.

“Creative Startups” celebrates all the new talent, start-ups, new business, up and coming talent and well established big hitters like Morag Myerscough in there too, as they talk about setting up, the challenges and the stuff you never get to hear about."

And with our new Creative Advice Network logo newly launched it feels like a great time to chat to people about the work CAN does and how we got to where we are. Snappily in 15mins, and hopefully not punctuated by my usual enthusiastic Portsmouth swears :)

There are a few tickets left so grab them here <== quick and I'll see you tonight.

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