Thursday, 10 October 2013

Print Mailers - Dean Belcher

My job provides me with a constant source of wonderful creative minds to work with.
Anyone who knows me well knows I'm all for a bit of Creative Collaboration, so I try to encourage the folk that come along to my consults to use me as a sounding board when ever they need to.

Be it workshopping personal shoots or brainstorming mailer ideas, bespoke targeted print mailers are a real favourite of mine actually, as you may remember.

One of my latest collaborations has been with the lovely Dean Belcher.
Dean has just launched a new look website, complete with the major image edit we put together. It is looking fantastic, if I do say so myself!
But what is a new website without letting the world know that it exists?

The trick with print mailers is to produce and send something that the receiver is going to want to keep. With this in mind Dean and myself got to brainstorming and came up with this little chap.

Mini Desk Dean

Mini cartoon Dean's were sent out last week all with a little note . . .

"I know it's tricky to find the time to see photographers and their folios these days, so keep me on the corner of your desk; and when you need me I'll be there"

Simple, thoughtful, fun.
It was key for us to come up with something that would bring a smile to someones face, that no matter how bad a day they were having Dean's mailer would be well received. Job done.

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