Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Camaraderie; one of the things I'm loving most about my new freelance existence.

At present I'm working with a retouching company, an agent, a gaggle of photographers and a magazine. I've been careful to avoid conflict amongst my clients, in fact I'm keen to find links between them all and seek out ways they can help each other. Because, you know what, I think this creative industry of ours is at its most inspiring when it pulls together.

Partnership across disciplines isn't anything new. We're used to the Photographer/Stylist/Casting Agent dynamic, Film Directors working with Composers and of course where would a Copywriter be without their Art Director?

But what I sometimes think we forget is how exciting it can be to challenge the usual collaborations and how important it is to even view them as collaborations in the first place. We label Colleagues as Suppliers, we get used to working with them in a certain way and I think we could all do with throwing ourselves a few curve balls.

Emily & Robs beautiful piece
Take Emily Peacock and Rob Ryan. Emily, a wonderfully talented tapestry artist, contacted Rob after falling in love with his work. They worked together to produce this beautiful cushion kit, Rob on the case with the design and Emily supplying the technical wooly magic.

I asked Emily how she found working with the Ryantown gang . . . "They always have time for you and are very upbeat... and sort of loving! I was so in awe of the whole set and it was fun to be there and act weird around them"

Sounds good doesn't it?

So your homework, if you choose to accept it, look through your database/list of mates on twitter/facebook chums etc. and randomly invite a couple of them for coffee in a couple of weeks time.
While you wait for the day to creep up, tear out inspiring newspaper articles, photograph something that makes you smile or makes you stop & think. It could be a bit of brickwork you love the texture of, a conversation you hear on a train, ANYTHING!
Suggest your meet-up mate does the same & hey presto! You've the start of a random project, hopefully a fun one, hopefully one that will fire up your imagination and at the very least gets you discussing creative loveliness.

Heck you could even make your meet-up place Tate Britain next Thursday as part of Creative Reviews TWEET UP. I'll be running a bit of creative fun on the night, so sign up & come say hello.

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