Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Life As A Freelancer

Nearly 3mths as a 'freelancer' now, and a heady whirl it's been!
A steady routine is finally forming and it feels like exciting times ahead. So for all you lovely folk who've asked what my new life consists of; here goes . . .

I've 3 main client groups at the moment.

1 - Companies within AdLand that I consult with, shake up a bit and work to bring in more business for. These tend to be long term arrangements where I come by a day or so a week.
At the moment I have the great pleasure of working with my chums at Retouching House Stanley's Post & Photo Agent/Producer/Top Bloke Jamie Stephen.

2 - One to One consulting sessions for un-repped photographers. We chat about portfolio direction, website structure, client groups to focus on, personal projects. It's a bit like creative therapy with a kick up the bum for good measure.

3 - Random helping hand projects. These can involve anything from putting together an exhibition, launching a book, lecturing at Art Colleges. Or in the case of a current project, lending a hand to the team at Creative Review to add an interesting creative dimension to the #crtateup (you'll have to come to the event tomorrow at Tate Britain to find out what this is, or wait till I blog about it)

So there you have it. I still think Creative Multi-tasker covers it best :)

Email me at if you have need of my services.

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