Monday, 1 August 2011

The Great CR Tate-Up

As some of you may know a couple of Thursdays back I was bouncing round Tate Britain after hours, brandishing pens at people and shouting things like "FEET! I need someone to draw me feet". All in the name of the inspiring fun that is a Creative Review Tweet-Up, or Tate-up on this occasion.

Tweeps getting their draw on.
In a nutshell; 150 of CR's twitter followers headed to a private view of the fantastic Vorticists exhibition and were invited to get networking through the wonderfully random artistic fun that is Consequences aka Exquisite Corpse. There was a digital version run by Specialmoves and then the original, ink on your fingers, version run by me.
On hand to corral one half of the group was PR lovely Jenny Ellery and photographing the weird and wacky creations was the rather talented Jonathan Minster.

We had an amazing time and I'm really pleased Neil asked me to get involved. I'm proud to have been part of a really inspiring night that is testament to the striving force within Creative Review determined to give their readership More. (it deserves the capital M, they work bloody hard)

Alex Macro (glasses) brought some mates along.

Wonderful talents @GrossmaryK & @graphicdrip

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  1. T'was most fun! My own write-up here: