Tuesday, 26 June 2012

By Royal Appt - Artur Conka

Every single Summer I head out to see photography student grad shows.
Whether at Free Range or in an independent gallery or in a factory or a garden shed, I will try my darndest to come see the work.

I remember what it was like to be a fresh(ish) faced student type heading down to London, all nervous & excited & relieved & blissfully unaware of which of the grad portfolio stereotypes I was about conform to. Hell you're to busy hoping someone other than your Mum will turn up to the PV!

But conform they all do, generally. There's the self portrait nude one, the gothic dolls head one, the intentionally out of focus one, do I need to go on?
It's not a bad thing, it's expected, that's cool. But it can grate a tad, bit like being stuck in a Groundhog Day with really bad wine.

So when an artist and their work catches your eye, goodness how they standout and give you the wibbles. Or is that just me?

Now I'm being bold and calling it early, but I think you'll understand why, because Derby student Artur Conka is the one for me this year.
His project Lunix IX is an incredibly sensitive and beautiful piece of documentary film making, giving a voice to the people on Slovakia's biggest Roma ghetto. Watch for yourselves and bear in mind Artur is only 22yrs old!!!

You can find out more about Artur here <=

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  1. Both moving and sensitive, excellent work Artur.