Thursday, 7 June 2012


From @clarapandy
As many of you know I do loves me some books,
an awful lot of books actually. 
From the smell, to the beautiful covers & of course the adventures inside, books set my heart aflutter. 
So you can imagine how I feel about eReaders *shudders* The damn things are everywhere! 

How am I supposed to see what people are reading now? 

So I'm taking a stand, a quiet one mind, and taking snaps of wonderful people I see out & about people reading actual books. And I've started the above hashtag on Twitter.

Here are some of the shots so far. And not just from me because, Twitter being the lovely place it is, people have started joining in.
Feel free to join in too and if you spot anyone you know in the pics (and can prove it) I'll send them a book token to encourage their papery love.

Thanks to @fabhat, @Tim_A_Roberts, @tomwatkinsphoto and @clarapandy for sending me your pictures. And special thanks to @cameraportraits for sending me a link to a great NYC book reading project. Glad to see I'm not alone :)

My finds so far

From @Tim_A_Roberts, @FabHat & @TomWatkinsPhoto

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