Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thoughts For (Ad) Photographers

Moving Imagery eh!
You had a crack yet? Perhaps just a little play or a maybe big fiddle with a Phantom?
or have you taken the hide under the covers route?

If you're falling into the latter then you best throw off that duvet pronto.

We're all of us getting used to the increased client ask for "a little bit of motion capture as well" but what I've come to discover recently is those pesky photography student graduate types are being bloomin well taught how to use all of the shiny motion kit.
They've got whole moving imagery units in their syllabus now!

They're hot on your heels folks, worth thinking about huh?


  1. My last 2 shoots have needed motion - one we did stop motion frames and the next slow motion filming - both for digital elements. It's something photographer's need to think about - as all the directors we spoke to were willing to do the stills side too!

    1. Thanks for the comment Angel. I'm worried too many photographers aren't exploring this enough.
      From a Stills angle we'll always approach a project more cost effectively than a Director too.

  2. Many film DOPs ready to shoot stills so hark her words and get prepared (prepare with a little help too!) @HeroKate @HeroHelena