Friday, 11 November 2011

The A-Z of Advertising

Ever wondered what a Honey Wagon was? Or whether to be flattered or appalled when invited to a 'Tissue Meeting'?
Well wonder no more because in this new feature I will strive to explain some of the lingo* used by advertising folk. Be it phrases used agency side or things you're likely to hear on set, this A-Z of Advertising is here to help make sense of it all.

So without further ado, A is for . . .  AdLand.

AdLand is an animation everyone needs to have seen. It's also the best description of the sprawling global work place advertising people reside in. 
It can correctly be used in sentences thus "Dave Trott is the Aesop of Ad Land".
*please note 'lingo' has not been used regularly since the 1980's.

is also for . . .  AdLand Suit.
He's a sweary genius called Dan, who tweets more than he blogs now, and is a partner at Creature London. Do go back through and read his entire blog archive, for there is much to be learnt from it. And you really should find him on Twitter. He's most likely on a list somewhere of the top ten AdLand bods to follow. He must be, he's been in Campaign enough times.

Next week B is for Ballpark.

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