Tuesday, 8 November 2011

By Royal Appt - Sarah Dunn

My second By Royal Appt goes to the rather fabulous Sarah Dunn.

Sarah and I found each other through a mutual friend and met up for a rather good natter. I fell in love with her work instantly, how could you not?

Thing is I'm not normally knocked over by 'celebrity' portraiture. For me I find it either falling into the 'little bit too editorial' or 'little bit too glossy' territory.
Two things you could never accuse Sarah of though; because inside the cover of her portfolio you'll find a softness, a warmth and genuinely relaxed captured moment with each and every one of her sitters.

But then Sarah was once Harry Borden's assistant and she had the good sense to marry a chap from Blackpool College. (Can't go wrong in my books) So the pedigree is there and in my opinion she's surpassed it.

You can see more of Sarah's work on her website here. You'll find her extensive Potter Portfolio, goosebump inducing Potter video , a few Hobbits and a lot more besides. Enjoy!


  1. I am the said chap from Blackpool College but that was very long ago.
    Excellent Blog and really nice piece on Sarah.
    Long may the By Royal Appointment reign.

  2. All hail the Blackpool Mafia. Going to start running a series of posts on us lot soon. I'll be in touch.

    P.S. Your Wife is aces :)