Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm Back from the USofA

Tequila, the perfect start to any holiday

So holidays huh!
Forgotten what those were like.
Especially the sort where you're so far in another timezone you get to turn off your IPhone. Bliss!

I've just spent the last 10days in Kansas & Oklahoma enjoying fun times with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, Cousins-in-Law and 2nd Cousins. Oh and an awesome half 2nd Cousin too.
Each one of them made me feel so welcome, and given that we all grew up thousands of miles from each other I've been amazed by how quickly we all clicked. I miss them all already :(

Here's a little photo snippet of some of the things I got up to. . .

Wichita Thunders

Sculpture at Cowboy Hall of Fame
Buffalo in a hat

American boozes


Cousin Julie & Connor

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  1. Really gorgeous pics. I'm equal parts freaked out and tickled pink by the Buffalo! :D