Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thank You & Farewell 2011!

2011 has been an epic year for me to say the least!

Starting up on my own has been an exciting leap and I've met some throughly inspiring people over the last 8mths. I'd love to name check them all but I don't want this post to look like a register.

This year was tinged with a lot of sadness too, losing 4 friends to Chron's & Cancer. All far too young, all painfully suddenly. And capping things off my Gran had a horrendous fall. Wonderfully though she's on a slow but steady road to recovery.

I've been overwhelmed with the support of friends both new and old, who've stepped up and just been there.

For a number of reasons I'd like to thank . . .

Wayne Ford - for being my champion & a constant source of inspiration.

Luca Sage, Simon Winnall, Chris King & Ben Gold for being the best bunch of Twitter chums/photographers and sources of great debate.

Elliot Harris & Jonathan Minster - for reminding me why being creative is just so much fun.

Emily Peacock - for just being delightful.

Marc Jason - accountant extraordinaire & very understanding individual.

Tom Watkins - OMG!!! I forgot to thank Goose! Sorry Watters. - forever my gin o'clock wingman & a good source of advice & fun.


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