Friday, 13 January 2012

By Royal Appt - Dylan Collard

Currently on show as part of Taylor Wessing

As many people will know I used to rep Dylan Collard at Vue, I knew him yrs before this though in that delightful Blackpool Mafia way, so I'm sure some will think me biased in this praise piece.
I shan't let that stop me though, because he's a bit great and with each new personal project I seem to love his work all the more.

'Up My Street' is one of his most recent series.
All shot around North London's Junction Road, Dylan has captured a dying breed, 'the local independent shop keeper'. The appeal for him being very much the appeal for us, that glimpse into anothers world.

I find the images a real treat for the eyes and imagination. We're given the portrait of the shopkeeper to enjoy, the occasional customer to wonder about and, particularly in the case of the Blue Carbuncle below, a feast of beautiful objects to discover.
There's another shot in the series that you can find on Dylan's website that particularly pleased me because there's a box of Ilford B&W paper hidden on a shelf :)

So have a look through yourself & enjoy . . .

The Blue Carbuncle

Prices for print sales are available on request from Mr Collard.

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