Saturday, 28 January 2012

Inspiration - Dance

Many moons ago I was in a Contemporary youth dance company.
We used to tour the country performing at wonderful places like Laban (the old venue), and workshopping with greats like Wayne McGregor.
It was the utter joy of my life for such a long time, but eventually had to be forcibly replaced due to prolonged knee damage; So in walked photography.

I don't lament this for a moment (well not too much of a moment anyway). Photography has and continues to be the great love of my life but I thought it was about time I paid respects to my first love, Dance.

Ballet Emma, checking her own foot placement

I've been to hundreds of dance performances over the years. Flamenco, Raqs Sharqi, Tap, Street, Lindy Hop et al. Some styles I love, some I loathe.
Classical Ballet leaves me cold; watching a dull series of technical exercises painfully strung to a loose narrative is no way to lose 4hrs of your life, in my opinion.
Contemporary Dance and Contemporary Ballet however are bliss; all exuberant passion, exquisite lines & powerful extensions. 

My favourite choreographed piece of all time is Russell Maliphant's 'Two', part of the PUSH programme debuted at Sadler's Wells in 2005. I think I saw it when it returned in 2008.
There's a rather wonderful atmospherically written account of it here. And thanks to the wonder that is YouTube you can see it as well.
Brace yourselves though, you're about to see the phenomenal Sylvie Guillem in action. Enjoy! 

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